Surface treatment process of mainstream aluminum sheet

September 21, 2022
Latest company news about Surface treatment process of mainstream aluminum sheet

Whether it is aluminum plate or aluminum alloy material, one of the most important processes is surface treatment. Today, I will introduce the current mainstream aluminum plate surface treatment technology.

1: Electrophoretic painting. After such treatment, the surface of the aluminum plate presents a smooth side, and the corrosion resistance will be greatly enhanced.

2: Powder electrostatic spraying. The feature of this process is to enhance the corrosion resistance of aluminum plate, and for some acid and alkali salts, the use of aluminum plate is better than the oxidation coloring profile.

3: Multi tone surface treatment. At present, in order to better match the use of aluminum plates, various color treatments naturally appear, which can make the color of aluminum plates more perfect.

4: Plasma enhanced electrochemical surface ceramics. This is the advanced science and technology used. After this treatment, the quality of aluminum plate is excellent, but the cost is relatively high.